"Amazing! I’m so grateful to be in the exclusive Platinum List, which is made up of an elite class of wedding vendors handpicked by Grace Ormonde herself.

As a wedding photographer who caters to high-end brides, it is important for me to associate myself with other vendors who similarly are known for creating amazing luxury experiences for discerning brides.

Being associated with Grace Ormonde and this exclusive club of elite vendors has definitely helped my business gain credibility. It’s gotten my work and studio in front of the right people, including potential brides, coordinators and other distinguished vendors.

Being a Grace Ormonde Platinum List member has helped to reinforce the planner relationships that I already had and also has given me access to planners all over the country who may not be part of my pre-established New York and San Francisco network.

Catherine Hall, Catherine Hall Studios

"As a Grace Ormonde Platinum List member I feel I'm a part of an elite group that includes the best of the best and this separates me from the many people in my field.

The Platinum List has done wonders for me- I've been able to look for vendors to network with that see me on their level. I also have added the Platinum List insignia to my website and it grabs attention and interest which leads to jobs.

I've been in the business for a long time but being in this magazine supports and reinforces my brand to clients as well as getting new business from up and coming planners. It puts me front and center.

Being a Platinum List member changed my business in time. It didn't happen the first time I was in it but I believe people save the magazines and when they keep seeing my name over and over it imprints in their minds that they need to hire me."

Cheryl Richards Photographer

“Being a Platinum List member changed my life and my business, it changed the whole perception and the image of my company which now is seen not only as planners but also as event designers.

Being supported by such a wonderful team means a huge difference. Grace is always looking for talented people and the way she supports talent is by far more than truly extraordinary.

Being a Platinum List Member means to be involved with exquisite and talented people always looking for beauty and creativity; it means lots of opportunities and it allows me to close several deals with brides that came to my office with the magazine in their hands to show me the picture of what they would love to have for their weddings- realizing that the designs that they were showing me were the ones designed by me and published by Grace”

Fortuna, Design 42